Statue of Liberty from Battery Park.  Oil on board  2011

Fruit basket.  Oil on board.  2008

The Alhambra, Grenada.   Acrylic on board.  2014

The Alahambra, Grenada.  Acrylic on board.

St Mark's Venice.  Oil on board 2005

Manhatten from West End Avenue apartment.   From a watercolour by the artist 2010

Saga cruise ship 'Spirit of Adventure' visiting Indonesian islands. Oil on canvas. 2011

On 'Royal Clipper' in the Caribbean.  Oil on board.  2014

Pen and wash sketch at Kos harbour 2013

Chapel on Gozo, Malta.  Oil on board.  2014

Harbour on Gozo, Malta.   Oil on board

Gouache on tinted paper.  2009

Watercolour. Oranges, Corfu. 2013

Indian elephants bathing.  Pencil sketch, Sri Lanka.  2014

Watercolour portrait of Laurence Attewill.  2013.  Property of the Attewills.

Earthenware jugs and apples.  Oil on board.  Property of Mr Paul Gibb

Still life with mackerel.  Oil on board.  200

Still life with blue pots.  Oil on board.   2013

Still life with ham.  Acrylic on board. Property of Mr & Mrs Nick Dudley.

Courtyard in Taroudant, Morocco. Watercolour on paper.  2012. Property of the late Anna Nicholas.

Indigenous fishing and general boat off Forteleza, Brazil.  Oil on canvas. 2013

Heather and Helen winning the first Golf Medal of 2012 Olympics for Team GB.

oil on board 2013.  Property of Lord Moynihan.

Fishing boat at Flores, Indonesia. Oil on board. 2012.  Property of Mr and Mrs John Johnston of Benson.

Gondola boatyard and workshop, Venice.  Oil on board. 2008.

Venice fish market.  Acrylic on board.  2007

Venice.  The Salute Church. Oil on canvas 2008 

Fishing boat at Oussaria, Morocco.  watercolour on paper.  2010. Property of George and Ann Craig

Venice statue and Hospidale.  watercolour. 2010.  Property of Mr and Mrs David Knowles.

Fish market in rain, Venice 2012. Watercolour.  Property of Mr & Mrs Arthur Heardon.

Still life with ginger jar.  Gouache on tinted paper.  2008. 

The Alhambra, Granada.  Watercolour on paper. 2014.  Property of Sir John and Lady Baker.

Hall way of The Old Vicarage, Benson, home of the artist. Oil on board 2010

View of Benson Church from rear window of the Old Vicarage.  Watercolour.

Property of the artist

Nude with red hair.   Oil on board.  2010

Still life with samovar.  Oil on board.  2007

Study in negative spaces.  Oil on board 2008.  Property of Mrs Debbie Laidlaw.

Adele at breakfast.  Oil on board.  201

Celebrity Challenge.  Robert Redford in 'All is Lost'  Oil on canvas.  2015

House of Mr Aziz the Potter. Atlas mountains Morocco .  2012  Watercolour on paper, property of Mr and Mrs David Fitzjohn

Tulips with jugs. Oil on board.  2013

Still life with marmalade.  Acrylic on board.  2007

Still life with candlelight .Acrylic on board 2005.  Property of John and Di Allen. 

Boats in a shipyard at Playa di Santiago, La Gomera, Canaries. Watercolour 2015

Fishing boats on the beach at Playa di Santiago, Canaries. Watercolour 2015

As above watercolour.

As above watercolour.

Study in orange and green

Study in orange and green.   Acrylic on board . 2014

Street scene, Grazalema,(one the white villages, Andalusia). Watercolour on paper. 2 

Ruined chapel above Grazalema, Spain.  Watercolour on paper.  2014

View of Zahara, Andalusia.   Watercolour on paper 2014

The white farmhouse, Andalusia.  Acrylic on board 2014.

View of Ronda, Spain.  Acrylic on board.  2014

Four pen and wash sketches on board The Royal Clipper in the Caribbean.  2014.  Property of Mrs Val Holt.

Royal Clipper and Star Clipper off Dominica in 2014.  Watercolour on paper. Property of Alex and Antonia Cooper.

Interior of Dorchester Abbey, Oxon.  From an original watercolour by  the artist and rendered for use as a Christmas card.  2014

View of Castle Square, Benson in the snow.  Viewed from The Old Vicarage


View of Hythe boatyard with 'Queen' in the background.  Oil on board 2014.

The white village, Andalusia. 2014

Atlantic fishing boats at Essourea, Morocco.  Oil on board 2011

Norfolk landscape.  Oil on board 2015

Dolgoed dresser with pewter plates.  Watercolour on paper .  2014

Carboys and farm equipment at The Watermill, Posara, Italy

The Watermill at Posara, Tuscany. watercolour 2015

Church and village of Cotto, Tuscany. 2015

Church at Montebianci under the Carrera marble mountains. Oil on board. 201

Cliff path at Kotor, Montenegro

Fort at Dubrovnic, Croatia

Church of Christ the King, Messina, Sicil

Self portrait of the artist at 80

Cabbages and veg.  Acrylic on board


Two nudes.Acrylic on canvas

The garden of the Old Vicarage, summer 2015. watercolour

'Ruby'  Acrylic on canvas

Nude 2016  Acrylic on canvas

Bamburg, Germany 2016.  Oil on board from an original watercolour

Jean's Lemon.  watercolour property of Mrs Gillie Simon

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Still life with crusty bread, apple cheese etc


Portrait of 'Pres' Wells.  Acrylic on board 2020