Early office chair in ply and chromed steel pedestal.  196

042 Chair of 1962.  Designed to be used with others in an 'island seating' situation. Cold bent ply set within the top plate and supporting the seat frame.  The whole set on chromed steel strip under frame. 

Chairs used at Lima Airport, Peru 1963/4

Stills from the Stanley Kulbrik film '2001 A Space Odyssey' showing the use of a slightly modified 042 . 

Chair 130 in an internally upholstered version made by Artifort.

Rocking chair 590 of 1962. Upholstered ply shell on steel rod rocking frame. The shell went on to be developed into the 588 programme

588 chair of 1966   Formed ply shell  on aluminium base.  Fixed cushion version.

Airport and public area seating No 484 of 1965.  Plywood back and seat designed to bank in lengths of three, all facing one way or opposing directions. 

Chicago chair of 1971.  Ply shell on laminated ply base

Michigan chair of 1971.  Ply shell with powder coated cast aluminium arm and base.

630 Programme of 1966.  Wooden frame on cast aluminium supports.  Sucessor to 042 island seating system o

Reprint from Domus magazine on introduction of 630 programme.

620 Island seating system of 1969.  Designed to extend the possibility of island seating but with a hexagon plan.   Ply, bent ply on wood frame, mounted on steel underframe.

975 Intermediate chair of 1968.   Originally loose cushions on a GRP shell with GRP base.  Subsequently fixed pads onto high density polystyrene shell and base. 

Reintroduction of 976 on redesigned base.  2002.  Chair exhibited in Industry section of Royal College of Art 150th Year Exhibition. 2013

Beam mounted Multiple Seating System.  Cast aluminium base plates and leg frames around a steel beam set diagonally.   Part of a larger programme of office and waiting area seating of 1968.

As above showing table and arm mounting.

615 Programme 1973

Public area sofa system No 615 where a bent steel tube supports an upholstered back.   1973

Stool and dining chair programme of 1970.  Made in high density polystyrene with ply seat.  Originally designed for manufacture in bent solid wood which nad been compressed before bending.

Chesterfield type three seat sofa.  1967

070 lacquered wood dining chair of 1984

Series 142 from 1969 and developed over the years to the present day.  Formed ply shell on various aluminium bases.

Series 140. As above.

Michigan chair.  1983 Office and desk chair. Ply shell  whose edge is covered with leather and seat and back upholstery stapled behind a welt to the ply edge.  Part of a large programme of varients based on the same shell.

Low back version of Michigan chair on bespoke designed powder coated cast aluminium base

248 Chaise Longue. Commonly known as 'Cleo'.  Designed 1970 and first made 1971.   Steel tube frame with rubberised webbing, foam and stretch fabric.  Still in production.

Office chair programme 6000.  High Density foam shell, foam rubber pads and cast aluminium arm.  On various bases including beam mounted system.  1973


TAF Programme 1980.  High Density polystyrene shells mounted on various bases, including stacking frame, beam system and platform mounting.

TAF Shell on pressed steel cradle used both on beam mounting and pedestal frame.

'Metamorphosis'.  Design for a simple chair which by custom screen print fabric, emulated the spirit of chairs from the past, Mackintosh, Chippendale,  Edward Barnsley etc.   The pages are taken from the Netherlands Textile Museum publication and are of sketches and photos of models by G Harcourt.

Sofa no 425 of 1981.  Side frame return over seat cushion with soft pad arm.

Experimental design for a stacking stool in glass reinforced epoxy resin of 1963 or 4.  Not produced.

Prototype winged easy chair and stool based on circular hoops.  Approx 1980

Ply shell chair 'Montana' on GRP base.  1982

Proposal for auditorium seating with arm sections furnished with tablet and translation equipment revealed by a tamboured face and all mounted on beams. 1982